We are young, but fast growing company which work in fruits&herbs processing industry. Our main products are frozen fruit, dried berries&herbs, frozen&dried pomace, berry seeds. Big background of our personnel in berry business and openness for customer’s demand are our main value. We are not only importexport company, in cooperation with Polish partners we create more value added products crafted according to customer’s needs, as even in traditional berry business there is space for innovations.

Company history

2015 – Company Frunutex Sp. z o.o. was created in Lublin region, which is called fruit garden of Poland. Such location gives us access to local cultivated fruits and to wild growing berries from Ukraine, which is just 90 km from Lublin. Main activity was import of frozen and dried berries, both conventional and organic.
2016 – first deliveries to North America. Fruit pomace and seeds were added to product range.

Our mission

Nature gives us everything and our mission is to deliver healthy products to consumers. And it is not only traditional frozen or dried fruits, also we supply pomace, rest product after juice pressing, which is perfect nutraceutical raw material. Seeds from berries are source of oils for cosmetic and pharmacy.
Natural products are really good and healthy when you know how and where they were grown and how they were handled from collection until getting to customer.
Our mission is to guarantee secure chain from field to customer, that’s why we work with carefully selected suppliers whom we visit personally.


Gama Olejnicki (Poland)


Shans Vik Ltd (Ukraine)

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Ukrainian producer of dried herbs and berries.

Juice producers

Besides supplying raw material for pressing we always interested in collection back pomace (dried or frozen), please contact us.